Speed Stick Web short is Terry Tate redux

Air_hockey_1Someone passed AdFreak a link to this Speed Stick “Webisode” currently appearing at Maxim Online. It features a guy who takes hockey so seriously that he gets ultra-aggressive in his workaday office job, body-checking women into file cabinets, batting away mail as if he were a goalie, etc. It’s not that it didn’t make me laugh—it’s just that it’s so, so reminiscent of Reebok’s “Terry Tate” campaign of 2003 (see below), complete with the cut-away interview with the boss, who of course admires the guy’s take-no-prisoners attitude. No, this ain’t Apple/Lugz, and if youTate11 watch an earlier Webisode in the series called “King Pong” (also available on the Maxim site), you’ll see that, conceptually, the campaign goes in a different direction. Still, I have to wonder why no one at the agency or client realized, or cared, that the hockey short is so derivative.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor