Spay the cats before they ruin your Web site


South Carolina ad agency Erwin-Penland really wants to spay cats, and they've launched a campaign for the Greenville Humane Society to prove it. Over on the Web site, a bunch of kittens traipse across the page, causing mayhem with the copy and knocking over headlines just like they break priceless antiques in real life. I know lots of folks think cats are great, and I might consider getting one as a pet, if all dogs, hamsters, parakeets, rabbist, guinea pigs and goldfish suddenly ceased to exist. I'm all for spaying, if it means fewer cats. Exempt from this feline tirade, however, is Lucky, the three-legged cheetah and star of that Volkswagen Golf spot by Ogilvy. That's one cool cat—and his keeper's no dog, either. Woof!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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