Sour Patch Kids, the Game: Can You Stomach It?

Sadistic trailer for World Gone Sour

Sour Patch Kids really just want you to eat them. That's the amusing, if obvious, message driving World Gone Sour, a video game the brand launched for PlayStation and Xbox yesterday. (A PC version has been available since December.) Ad agency Mother in New York has been trickling out content since last year to buzz up the title it created with Capcom, development shop Playbrains, and production house Beefy Media. The latest: the promo trailer below, featuring the game's protagonist, a Sour Patch kid, arriving at the threshold to the promised land of the human stomach. There, a somewhat sadistic, noshed-on drumstick grants the green hero admittance to the disco party, though only after he confesses to scalding other Sour Patch kids with hot candle wax and drowning them in soda. The game includes the track that candy rapper Method Man recorded for Sour Patch last year, as well as some narration from The Office's surly Creed Bratton. (Check out a gameplay trailer here.) Consider this another milestone in sweet marketers' perennial race to out-weird each other.