Sony packs company ethos into 90 seconds

Director Noam Murro throws everything but the kitchen sink into this epic 90-second cinema spot from 180LA that takes us through the four worlds of Sony: electronics, music, film and games. The fifth might be bankruptcy, as this clip clearly cost serious coin. There's no denying it's visually impressive and probably causes seizures and orgasms when viewed on the big screen. I think our young hero may have bought some drugs in that alley. The tagline is "make.believe," and you pronounce the "dot." The company says: " 'Believe' represents ideas and ideals, while 'make' represents the ability to turn those ideas into reality. The dot in the middle is the place where inspiration meets creativity, where creativity meets reality." Next time, they should get Michael Bay to direct. He'd add the one crucial element missing from the equation: hot chicks in underwear … who explode.

—Posted by David Gianatasio