Sony Ericsson’s spots skewer focus groups


Most people in advertising have been subjected to the drudgery known as focus groups. Now, Sony Ericsson is mining silly focus-group situations in new ads created by Dare's New York office. The five Web videos compare the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to competitors' models in focus groups with six unlikely demos, like glam rockers, ditzy blondes and surfers. (Sony had better watch itself with the "Guidos" video. Italian American groups are a touch image sensitive in the Jersey Shore era.) The toddlers video, below, is probably the most entertaining, if only because kids say the darndest things. The risk is that this kind of inside baseball is more advertising for advertising people. Most regular people don't know—or much care—how mind-numbingly idiotic focus groups can be. See the other four videos after the jump.