Sony camera ad features competitor’s shot

Never let the truth get in the way of a good ad (or even a mediocre one). That’s a lesson Sony has obviously taken to heart with a new magazine spread for its A700 DSLR camera. The headline—“In photography, timing is everything”—is paid off with a dramatic leopard-versus-baboon showdown photo. Over on the CNet blogs, Gordon Haff recognized the iconic shot (or at least its more famous cousin from a different frame) and did some research. He discovered the shot was taken in 1965 by Life magazine’s John Dominis. This wouldn’t mean much for the ad, except that it was likely taken with that time’s most popular professional camera: a Nikon. Even if it wasn’t snapped with a Nikon, Haff notes, the shot would have been taken years before Sony even produced a line of SLR cameras. I’m guessing that somewhere along the way, someone involved with this ad said, “Hey guys, don’t you think it’s going to look weird that we’re using a photo that blatantly wasn’t taken with our product?” If so, the timing is right for that person to get a promotion. Via Quality Peoples.

—Posted by David Griner