Sony Ad Replays a Woman’s Lifetime on 200 Screens

Japanese spot modernizes traditional theater

The lifetime of a girl wordlessly unfolds across Sony devices in this enchanting Japanese commercial titled "Screen Story." Party Tokyo created the spot with 70 performers and more than 200 Sony products. This style of Japanese theater, a modernization of Bunraku, is particularly effective with the glow of Sony's backlit screens. Bunraku is a type of Japanese puppet theater where the puppeteers appear on stage dressed in black to blend in with the background—though here, the puppeteers use screens and a darkened room. The fusion of the old-fashioned puppet techniques and the ultra-modern devices tells another story about how far technology has traveled. The coordination it took to get this in one continuous shot is astounding, but then, so are the changes these screens have made on all our lives in such a short time.

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