Sonos Embraces ‘Subway Therapy’ After Its Ads Threaten to Displace the Sticky Notes in NYC

Brand tries to preserve post-election art project

For those in New York City grieving the results of the presidential election, the "Subway Therapy" wall of sticky notes inside New York City's Union Square station has been a source of solace and inspiration.

The wall was set up within hours of the Nov. 8 results by artist Levee, who showed up in the station with pens and hundreds of sticky notes—and urged people to share their feelings in those early traumatic hours and stick them on the wall for everyone to see.

Thousands did.

Which is why it was a little awkward for Sonos, the consumer electronics brand, this week, as its new ad campaign was set to take over much of the Union Square station—and in the process, displace many of the "Subway Therapy" notes. And indeed, as the installation of the ads began Tuesday, there was some backlash as the notes were taken down.

Upon learning of the notes' displacement, Sonos quickly changed course.

"Several alert New Yorkers let us know that the 'Subway Therapy' sticky notes in Union Square Station were being taken down to make room for Sonos ads," the brand tells AdFreak. "While we bought ad space in the station as part of a national campaign, it was neither our request nor our desire for these notes to be taken down, and we regret that it happened.

"As soon as we learned that some notes were being taken down, we immediately stopped the installation of Sonos ads, and began removing any ads that displaced the sticky notes."

Sonos went a step further, and actually plans to incorporate "Subway Therapy" notes into the ad space that it has bought.

The brand explains: "We hired a photographer to document the vast number of notes that are still up. We'll use some of our ad inventory in the station to display these pictures over the next month. While we can't control what happens outside of the space we've rented, we can certainly help preserve the outpouring of free speech the 'Subway Therapy' wall represented." 

Below, check out a photo of Levee at the wall this week: 


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