Some salmon soda with your fishy ice cream?

Jones_soda2_1Line extensions are all the rage when it comes to carbonated beverages. Diet Coke with Lime/Lemon. PepsiOne. Coca-Cola Zero. Even Fresca has two new flavors. Not to be outdone, Jones Soda, which made news last year by introducing turkey and gravy flavored soda, is offering up a line extension intended to appeal to people in the Pacific Northwest: salmon soda. The flavor, which even Jones CEO Peter van Stolk says he can’t drink, is being offered as part of a regional holiday pack that includes the aforementioned turkey and gravy, green bean casserole and pecan pie flavors. Though it’s unlikely that the new flavor will find a following on par with Cherry Coke, there’s probably still an audience for it (probably the same people who’ll buy fish-flavored ice cream. Hell, my grandfather has some inexplicable affinity for Dr. Brown’s Celery soda.) But given the salmon soda’s Orange Crush-type hue, methinks another holiday might be even more appropriate than Thanksgiving: April Fool’s Day.

—Posted by Aaron Baar