Some not-so-nice thoughts about the VW campaign

We already knew that ThinkTank3 had Crispin, Porter + Bogusky in its crosshairs, but we didn’t realize to what extent until we opened the first issue of the New York shop’s email newsletter this morning, called, appropriately, “Trigger.” (And you thought AdFreak was Crispin-obsessed.) As part of a diatribe about the new VW campaign, it asks, “why is the new work for VW’s GTI so bad? That’s the word on the street. People already didn’t like VWs enough to buy themprice and performance being the factors, not the advertising. Now, they don’t like what the brand stands for either. Hmmm. How is that possible? Good agency, good client, what went wrong?"  To sign up for the newsletter, go to the site’s home page and click on "Sign Up to Receive News from TT3." You can read the first issue at this link.

Posted by Catharine P. Taylor