Some Ford Vehicles Now Let You Kick Open the Trunk

Keyless car entry gets more gratifying

I don't know how many European are eagerly awaiting the Ford Kuga, but one of its features is a trunk you can kick open (or if you're English, a boot you can boot open) by triggering a release mechanism under the car's rear bumper with your foot. The Daily Mail, at the link above, sells it like something Prometheus stole from the gods for the benefit of mankind, but it's really just another perk of keyless car entry, albeit one enhanced by the tactile pleasure of kicking something. (The technology was actually introduced last year on the Ford Escape.) Apparently Ford has programmed the kick-activated automatic tailgate to respond only to a human foot, not bumps in the road or animals running under the car. Given how long it took them to come up with ignition systems that weren't an explosion risk, I'll believe that when I see it. Via PSFK.