So much for scrawny old Harry Potter

Looks like Harry Pot — um, Daniel Radcliffe — has quidditched his way into legitimate theater. Equus, the play in question, is Peter Shaffer’s tale of a boy whose fascination with horses goes beyond what the good Lord intended. Daniel’s role calls for him “to reach the height of sexual pleasure — simulated, of course — while riding naked on his horse.” (Check out some pics here.) He’ll also need earplugs to prevent hearing loss once the fangirls catch a glimpse of him au naturale. (His horse co-star, by the way, is a veteran of this Guinness commercial.) This career choice pretty much wipes out what was left of the old Dan Radcliffe, and will only complicate things for the marketers of the next Harry Potter film, who probably figured the worst was over after the actors hit puberty. In J.K. Rowling’s final Potter book, due out July 21, maybe we can expect a full sex scene.

—Posted by David Kiefaber