SNY ad honors Keith Hernandez’s mustache

Fans of Keith Hernandez—and, especially, fans of his mustache—will enjoy this new commercial from Ogilvy & Mather promoting the cable-sports network SNY, on which the former first-baseman is one of the announcers for New York Mets games. In the spot, Hernandez is signing autographs at a sports-gear store, and pretty much everyone in the place has donned a fake 'stache as a sign of respect, or something. If it seems extravagant to build a commercial around the guy's mustache, it's less elaborate than handing out 20,000 free fake mustaches to people who come to the ballpark—which, according to an old blog item on the SNY Web site, is what the network did a couple of years ago at Shea Stadium to celebrate the fact that Hernandez had won "Top Sports Mustache of All Time" honors from the American Mustache Institute. (In case you're not familiar with its work, the institute is dedicated to "protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against, mustached Americans by promoting the growth, care and culture of the mustache.") In the unlikely event that Keith ever shaves off his mustache, New Yorkers can mess with his mind by pretending that he never had one in the first place, thus recapitulating the premise of a weird French movie from a couple years ago called La Moustache.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver