SNL’s Midterm Election Parody Is Both Hilarious and Devastatingly Accurate

Frayed nerves in anticipation of a ‘blue wave’

Everyone remain calm. SNL
Headshot of Shannon Miller

In case you’ve only heard this a mere nine times within the last hour, allow us to be the tenth: tomorrow’s midterms are the most important election our country has seen in a while. It’s an observation that has escaped virtually nobody, and it is especially recognized among Democrats, who are fighting tirelessly for a much desired “blue wave” victory.

But it’s cool. Indeed, the reportedly sharp rise in the early voting turnout signals the promise of change on the horizon. And a general dissatisfaction with the current administration and resulting divisiveness should, in theory, equal a robust Democratic presence at the polls on Election Day, right? So any unrelenting anxiety that some may still feel as they shakily cling to their morning cup of coffee is likely unfounded.

Right? Maybe not.

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live—hosted by Jonah Hill—included a mock Democratic midterm election ad that was either hilarious or devastatingly accurate, depending on your current level of politics-related stress.

Simply titled “Midterm Ad,” the parody features cast members portraying everyday voters who are confident in a purported nationwide blue victory. That confidence, however, proves to be superficial at best, as each person finds themselves unable to mask their frayed nerves for long.

Seriously, there are few things more relatable right now than florist Kate McKinnon chugging bourbon out of a large bouquet vase.

That persistent anxiety shared by so many liberal voters is valid. What seemed nearly impossible in 2016—a Trump victory—became a shocking reality to a party who expected a much more favorable outcome. And to say the past couple of years of the current administration has been challenging could be history’s biggest understatement.

So yeah, watching Aidy Bryant snap at Pete Davidson (as mom and son, respectively) for making an ill-timed joke about showing up to vote two days too late, or Beck Bennett taking a tug from a joint to take the edge off just might resonate.

But it’s fine. As long as everyone takes the time to vote on Tuesday, change will surely come.


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Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.