‘Snakes on a Plane’ bound for box-office gold?

Who needs advertising when you’ve got a really dumb title for your movie? Snakes on a Plane is still five months from takeoff but has already been declared the “worst film of 2006” by Wired magazine, according to a Wikipedia entry, anyway. Think that will hurt its opening-weekend box office? Not a chance. As the hot topic in online movie circles, Snakes (or SOAP) is inspiring the blogosphere to create freelance movie trailers, posters and story lines. In online vernacular, it’s one of the hotest memes since The Blair Witch Project. Star Samuel L. Jackson, who threatened to quit when someone proposed changing the name of the movie to Pacific Air Flight 121, signed up for the project based on the name alone. For the posters to come, may we suggest this headline: “You’ve read the title. Why see the movie?”