Smartphone Making You Antisocial? Consider Rehab

Singapore agency creates toolkit and phone-free party

BBH interns in Singapore are trying to fight back against antisocial smartphone dependency and the alienation of digital culture. Their weapon? A Social Rehab Toolkit, which includes note cards to handwrite your Tweets, Facebook “Like” stickers, Draw Something sketch pads and even "Instaglasses" that let you view the world through a tinted retro filter. It's telling that BBH has to leverage digital gathering spots (namely fashion and lifestyle blogs) to tell people not to be so digitally dependent, but some people honestly do need reminding that social media addiction is making it easier to talk to the masses but a whole lot harder to talk to one person. Perhaps the best part of the promotion was its real-life culmination, a July 28 party at a popular Singapore bar where attendees "unlocked" a discount of 10 percent off their bill for every hour of the event they were willing to surrender their phones. How many hours (or minutes) could you go?