Slip Into a Blanket Fort of Chocolate Walnut Absurdity In This Strange Nutchello Ad

Everyone, whisper about nuts

When this Nutchello ad popped up in my feed, it melted my brain into a delicious puddle of chocolate pouring onto a gold cougar statue. You know, in a good way.

The ad, from Fallon, throws one quirky headline after another at you while you stare at giant type superimposed over impressively weird CGI. You are assailed by alternately relaxing and terrifying images.

A woman performs yoga on top of a walnut on top of a turtle. A pink poppy opens to reveal an almond, suggesting both the beauty of nature and the joy of opiates. Molten chocolate pours on the head of a golden cougar rising from a mound of mixed nuts. A magician turns a walnut into a magnificent butterfly with the word "you" superimposed on its wings. Most chillingly of all, giant comets made of almonds burn up on entry to the Earth's atmosphere, seconds away from destroying all life as we know it.

After each seemingly unrelated snacking axiom over luscious, inexplicable visuals, a woman seductively whispers "Nutchello" like it's a high-end perfume ad.

Taken together, this glut of advertising techniques all rolled into a single spot harken back to oddvertising. But maybe it makes sense, since oddvertising was mostly a phenomenon that made people buy candy, and Silk's Nutchello is the candy of nut milks.

The strange spot certainly stands out in a category touting questionable health benefits and relief for the lactose intolerant. But even better than the 3 million views on the YouTube spot is that someone is replying to all the comments with a whispered "Nutchello."


Client: Nutchello/Silk

Agency: Fallon

Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Kling

Creative Director: Patrick Figueroa

Art Director: Jay Morrison

Copywriter: Charlie Kuhn

Account Director: Nick Bondeson

Director of Business Affairs: Brendan Lawrence

Producer: Erin Kirby

Group Account Director: Matt Benka

Production Company: Nomint

Directors: Christos & Yannis