Skoda built by vultures, snakes and cyborgs

In 2007, European automaker Skoda mixed things up (and then stirred, poured and baked them) with the sugary-sweet "Cake" commercial from Fallon London, in which a team of bakers literally made a giant Skoda car-cake from scratch. Three years later, Fallon is back with a sequel that's 180 degrees from the original. Where the old spot advertised the Skoda Fabia as "Full of lovely stuff," this new ad presents the Fabia's more hard-ass vRS hot-hatch model as "Made of meaner stuff." To prove the point, the spot shows a band of factory brutes building a vRS with the help of vultures, snakes, crossbows, bionic arms and laser eyes—and harassing a couple of bakers who wander in from the old ad. It's a great followup that carries over to the Web site, where they present both cars—and ask you if you're lovely or mean.