Singer Is Photoshopped From Regular Girl to Pop Star in This Incredible Music Video

Eight hours to perfect beauty

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Well, this is just all sorts of amazing. Taking the time-lapsed Photoshopping of Dove's "Evolution" to a new level, Hungarian singer Boggie has created a music video in which she is digitally retouched from normal girl into glamorous pop star.

Through a combination of CGI trickery and seamless editing, the video for "Nouveau Parfum" is so compelling, it's hard to look away. And because the on-screen effects are so subtle, you're still able to pay attention to the song, which isn't bad at all. The video was posted to YouTube in December but only recently became a viral sensation, generating almost all of its 2 million views over the past week.

The 27-year-old singer, whose full name is Csemer Boglarka, told the Daily Star that the shoot took eight hours and required five changes of wardrobe, makeup and hair style. She was proud to see the effort paying off by continuing to fuel the global debate over manufactured beauty.

"Women open magazines and they have to face that on the pages everyone looks perfect, therefore they start to feel imperfect. I wanted to make it clear that we shouldn't try to compete with this perfectionism and manipulation which ruins your self-esteem," she told the newspaper.

"You should accept yourself on your good days and bad days, which is a hard process but it pays out at the end."

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