Show a little skin, and get that awesome job


High-end jobs site (which you may remember from its desk-chair-safari 2009 Super Bowl spot) is out with some amusing new spots from Fallon Minneapolis in which job seekers writhe around their offices in various states of work-attire undress, in an effort to become "more attractive" to employers. The pounding club music sets the tone, and the actors are average-looking enough to make their slow-motion undulations sufficiently uncomfortable. (Sex and career advancement haven't been this closely linked since last year's Summer's Eve douche-to-get-a-raise ad.) Though in fact, the people here aren't actually actors—they're Ladders members who actually competed (against some 700 other hopefuls) to be included in the ads. Says Fallon's David Sigel: "The user testimonial tends to lack credibility, but we wanted to give the members a chance to show their stuff, and get across the confidence they feel as a result of working with TheLadders. Judging by their performances, some of these members may have found a new career already!" Second spot after the jump. Via Homadge.