Shop at Cloudveil, don’t bother saying sorry


Shopping at Cloudveil is perfect for jerks who don't like to apologize. The gifts deliver that message for them. TDA Advertising & Design concocted this tongue-in-cheek campaign for the sports-apparel company. There's the "Fresh-Powder-Made-Me-Miss-Lunch-With-Your-Parents" bouquet for one's girlfriend; the "Sorry-I-Went-Climbing-Again-Instead-Of-Taking-You-For-A-Walk" dog treats; and the "Sorry-I-Missed-The-Meeting-Because-Of-The-Stonefly-Hatch" mug for the boss. The ads target hard-core mountain-sports enthusiasts, who, according to the agency, "are notorious for neglecting all other responsibilities" to pursue their chosen pastimes. Let's consider the possible consequences of such behavior. The worst that can happen with the girlfriend and the boss is a broken heart or a pink slip, respectively (or together, if you work in a really groovy office). As for Fido, I'd forget the $5.99 biscuits and just take him with you on the next trip. If you sprain your ankle and get stranded during the climb, he's more likely to come to your aid than one of those useless yeti.

—Posted by David Gianatasio