Shockingly, stunted male set to front sitcom

Can’t say the people behind Family Guy aren’t prolific, as they endeavor to weigh down their show roster with another albatross in The Winner. The premise of the show, if I heard correctly, is that puberty is hitting a man in his 30s instead of in adolescence, and hilarity ensues. I don’t know what it is about Daily Show alums that lends them to manchild roles, but I hope they’re paying Rob Corddry decently for stooping to this. Personally, I think the responsible parties should concentrate on American Dad, an unexpected winner, and throw this idea under the bus with Family Guy. (Wow, you guys watched television in the ’80s? So did I. Now write a damn joke.) With all that time freed up, they can unshackle themselves from the Homer Simpson archetype and write something funny. Just a thought.

—Posted by David Kiefaber