Shiseido goes out on a limb with Photoshop


Here’s another leg-based Photoshop calamity that’s making the rounds this week—an image put out by Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido in which a woman’s right leg is the longest leg ever grown by a human. It really is the Elvis Presley of Photoshop botches—the undisputed king and a hideous embarrassment besides. The image was dug up by PhotoshopDisasters and subsequently posted to Jezebel. Readers there figured someone was pulling their leg, as Shiseido supposedly has higher standards than this. But actually, they don’t—just look at this unnecessary tweaking of Angelina Jolie’s face. A Shiseido rep confirms to Britain’s Telegraph that the company did create the image above, though it was a while ago. “This image was produced locally by our subsidiary about five years ago as press material to be used for editorial articles,” the spokesman says. “It was never intended for use in advertisements.” See a larger version of the image after the jump.