Shake Weight creator: You’re doing it wrong

The Shake Weight has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame mostly thanks to the suggestive-looking way you're supposed to handle the arm-toning workout product. But hold on. In a new interview, Shake Weight inventor Johann Verheem claims the company wasn't trying to be suggestive in the infomercial at all—and that the motion isn't that dirty if you follow the proper instructions. "We never intended for the women's device ad to have innuendo," he says. "We had a bunch of people here from the industry, and a lot of women on the set, and they didn't make many comments. But it depends how you shake it as well. If you do it based on the three exercises that we have laid out, it's not that suggestive." Verheem isn't that oblivious, though. "Some of the women would say, though, oh if you shake it this way it looks like … well," he admits. "It's not just that sex sells, but one of the other things very important in direct selling, in infomercials, is that a product looks different enough for someone to stop and watch it. And that movement you make with a Shake Weight, well, it looks different." That it does. Via Consumerist.

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