Sexy grandmas confirm wonders of science

Science World in Canada pays tribute to GILFs everywhere with its "Ice Creamy Goodness" spot above, from Rethink Communications in Vancouver. The non-profit group is devoted to "inspiring future science and technology leadership" up north, and yes sir, nothing gets the job done quite like a pack of horny septuagenarians. The kids'll be loading tubes into centrifuges in no time. The ad's final image is, in stark contrast to the ice cream they are sharing, particularly tasteless. But there may be a method to this madness. I'm pretty sure I'll remember that old men dig vanilla after seeing this, so they did successfully plant a scientific factoid in my head. We'll see if it outlasts the night terrors. Meanwhile, the print component takes a stab at the other end of the age spectrum, with the carefree umbili-bungee baby shown below. The campaign's tagline is, "We can explain," and yes, both agency and client have a lot of explaining to do.

—Posted by David Kiefaber