Seth MacFarlane’s hot and juicy pre-roll ads

Everyone bitches about pre-roll, but nobody does much about it. Interactive shops complain that repurposed TV spots, particularly :30s, just don’t work. But maybe there’s hope yet for pre-rolls, so long as they’re not made by agencies. As part of his deal with Burger King (which Rebecca wrote about earlier), Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is crafting his own intro messages to his animated shorts. The first few episodes of his Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy show the King bursting through a screen while a tribe pursues him with blow darts and spears. In another episode, the King bursts through the screen pursued by a fireball. Odd, yes, but actually pretty entertaining for 15 seconds. You can catch the first few shorts on the Burger King YouTube channel, on MacFarlane’s Web site or around the Web in Google AdSense units. One quibble: If you Google "Seth MacFarlane," nothing shows up directing you to the Burger King YouTube page. Isn’t that a no-duh yet?

—Posted by Brian Morrissey