Seriously, naked ladies are perfect for this!

Here’s a new ad from Cabana Cachaçam, aka "the national spirit of Brazil." There are two more after the jump (one of which is even more NSFW). A poor excuse to gratuitously show copious female flesh, you say? Not so, replies the young gent who sent these ads along. Here, in full, is his explanation: “I’m totally down with your whole crusade to get naked ladies out of campaigns they don’t belong in. But I think I found one where I KNOW they belong. This print campaign for Cabana Cachaça says ‘Authentically Brazilian’ and what’s more Brazilian than naked hotties with deep tan lines. It’s the first thing I think of when I think of Brazil. I’m actually surprised no other Brazilian product has done this yet. Although I have to ask how they get those tan lines when they’re usually not wearing anything on the beach? If you’re gonna say, ‘Buy my insurance because of these boobs,’ I say ‘No thanks.’ But if you say, ‘What’s more Brazilian than a naked Brazilian and her Brazilian drink,’ I say, ‘What time’s happy hour.’ ”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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