Seems like a lot of work just to sell a chair

Mono has launched an online campaign so convoluted and off-kilter for Herman Miller's Embody chairs … I dunno, maybe it's a brilliant concept that I'm just too stupid to understand. I knew I was in trouble from the first line of the press release, which promised to "change the way you think about chairs. Or perhaps, to change your chair to help you think." I generally don't think about chairs, I just sit in them. That's me: thick-skulled and lazy-assed. There's a site called—it looks like something the Rand Corp. or Dr. Evil would devise—where ideas on various subjects "grow" as users "pile" them on. The idea that gets the most votes wins a chair. Not just any chair, but the Embody, which Herman Miller "has spent six years perfecting" because it "supports the mind and body." It took them six years to make a chair? What did they sit on while they were waiting, the floor? Actually, Embody chairs are kinda cool-looking in a retro-industrial-futuristic way, like something astronauts would sit in while savoring mugs of Tang. If they are mind-expanding, maybe I should check them out. People are always telling me I think with my rear end.

—Posted by David Gianatasio