Schwab using ‘Waking Life’ animator

Schwab_1Bob Sabiston’s animation lent the movie Waking Life (2001) a surreal, otherworldly quality. The technique, which involves taking live-action film clips and coloring over the frames, created animated characters that seemed pleasantly dreamy, perfect for the philosophical musings of the film. For the new Charles Schwab TV campaign, by Euro RSCG, Sabiston uses the same process on particularly undreamy footage of everday people talking about their investments. (You can see two of the spots on the Web site of Big Foote, which did the jazzy music.) It’s not too clear how this kind of animation lends itself to Schwab’s message, although the images themselves are eye-catching enough. One fortunate side effect of this campaign is that we ended up stumbling upon Waking Life actor Wiley Wiggins’ Web site, which features a mixture of ghoulish artwork, blog posts about the Austin scene and much more.

—Posted by Tim Nudd