Say hello (or not) to the CW’s ‘Aerie Girls’

I am not a regular viewer of either Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars, which both apparently air on the CW network on Tuesdays. But last night, American Eagle started running some unusual ads during those shows, starring the Aerie Girls, a handpicked group of young women reportedly culled from American Eagle’s customer database. (Aerie is an American Eagle brand.) In the ads, the women sit around and chat about the episode that’s currently airing, and how they can relate to the emotional turmoil therein. It sounds fairly engaging, if you’re into that sort of thing. But of course, there’s already some colorfully worded backlash. Says the Make Me Watch TV blog: “If you are a commercial for American Eagle, come out and say you are a commercial for American Eagle. Don’t put on this horribly fake persona and pretend I’m an idiot. … If I was deaf and blind and had no nerve endings and was dead, I could see right through your horrible advertising techniques.” This rant notwithstanding, it would seem that these girls have a good chance of becoming mini-celebs among female CW viewers.