Sarah Jessica Parker Dropped Her New Fragrance … on Instagram

Look out, Beyoncé!

Sarah Jessica Parker just dropped Stash SJP, her latest fragrance, on Instagram. This follows the weeks she spent teasing fans with mysterious messages online and in the streets, led by the hashtag #ComeAndFindIt (where the "it" wasn't specified). 

In her reveal post, Parker called Stash "one of the hardest secrets" she's ever had to keep, claiming the scent was perfected over a period of years, "passed among a select few like a verboten substance" that strangers were clamoring to discover. 



Stash is a unisex, aromatic-woody perfume, positioned as a "naughty, subversive sibling" to Parker's most popular fragrance, Lovely. Its surprising inspirations include "body odors, church, leather and a few masculine perfumes that she wore that would include notes of incense and vetiver." 

"I still love Lovely, and I'm nostalgic about it, but this is the fragrance I'm wearing every day. I'm not messing around or having affairs with other fragrances," SJP swears. 

Apart from using Instagram to pave Stash's way, SJP's crew also teased users with street art on over 100 sidewalks in New York City and Los Angeles. (The art was produced with eco-friendly, chemical free and natural materials, like chalk. Because, you know, lawyers and haters.)

The campaign tears pages out of the marketing playbooks of super-famous pop celebrities: It was in 2013 that Beyoncé first dropped an album on Instagram with no warning at all—and last year, Drake teased his album with an enigmatic billboard that only fans could understand.

"Instagram was a no-brainer for us, given her 2.7 million fans on the platform," says global marketing consultant Teri Siegel, who leads all SJP-related fragrance efforts. "There was no better and more authentic way for her to build excitement around the fragrance than with her engaged community on Instagram." 

This isn't Parker's first foray into social marketing for perfume. Last year, for Lovely's 10th anniversary, a social media contest encouraged fans to upload posts featuring their memories with the perfume, in exchange for prizes. 

Stash is available at Ulta Beauty and via Sarah Jessica Parker's ecommerce site. You can also expect social promotions to appear in your feeds next month.

Some of the print work—which is pretty conventional, all things considered—appears below.