Santa’s empty sack

Emptysack2So, The Wall Street Journal ran a story this morning about a terrifying iPod shortage at retailers nationwide that ranks right up there with the dearth of flu vaccine. (On eBay, the Journal reports “The spotty availability of the iPod has created a booming aftermarket for the devices … where a pink iPod mini earlier this week fetched $380, or more than $130 above the music player’s suggested retail price.”) BTW, you can’t bid for real flu vaccine on eBay. AdFreak checked for you as a public service.

But based on my nocturnal trip to Amazon yesterday, a little iPod won’t be the only thing Santa’s sack won’t have in it this year. Amazon was out of the Harry Potter Knight Bus Lego set, Hasbro’s Bulls Eye Ball, the Pavilion Large Size Labyrinth Game and the Pharaonic Guardian and Invasion of Chaos booster decks from the Yu-Gi-Oh card series. Plus, the site could only guarantee shipping of Parcheesi and books from Scholastic’s I Spy series by December 26th.  Not to suggest that my son’s Christmas list should be used as an economic indicator, but with the exception of one particularly enticing Hot Wheels item, I can’t think of anything Amazon didn’t have last year.

On that note, I gotta run. Time to get in some hellacious real-time bidding war with someone on eBay over that Harry Potter toy.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor