Samsung Hypes Smart Watch With Wonderful Look Back at Sci-Fi’s Greatest Wrist Gadgets

The Jetsons, Star Trek, Dick Tracy and more

The smart watch—it's not just the stuff of science fiction anymore! But Samsung takes you back to the sci-fi wrist gadgets of yore (or rather, of the future) in this highly enjoyable new spot from 72andSunny for the new Galaxy Gear. Fictional watches from shows like The Jetsons, Star Trek, Dick Tracy and Inspector Gadget remind you just how long we've been waiting for this technology to arrive. Interestingly, in its use of clips from old TV shows and movies, this creative approach is similar to—though in some ways the inverse of—Apple's very first iPhone commercial. Whereas this new spot suggests we're catching up to the watches of the future, that one said we were saying goodbye to the phones of the past. See two more new Galaxy Gear spots below. (The "Evolution" spot is by 72andSunny; the "In the Wild" video is not.)

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