Is Rubik’s Cube making a small comeback?

Last year was the 25th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube hitting the market. We missed whatever party they had, but the cube does seem to be slowly creeping back into pop culture. TBWA\Chiat\Day recently did a TV spot for the PlayStation 3 that shows a Rubik’s Cube’s colorful encounter with the PS3 console. And here’s a print ad for Yamaha motorcycles packs a complex cityscape into the form of a cube. (Tagline: “Time to start playing again.”) Just three months ago, a guy named Toby Mao set a new world-record time for solving the cube: 10.48 seconds. Or about one-third the time it takes to watch the PS3 ad. Via I Believe in Adv and ’boards. 

—Posted by Tim Nudd