Royal Caribbean does the math in latest ads


Here are a couple of quirky ads for Royal Caribbean that take a holiday from the typical fun-in-the-sun cruise-ship imagery. The spots, by JWT New York, focus on just how many vacation days Americans fail to use each year, even though they've earned them. It turns out to be more than 1 million cumulative years—a sobering number considering modern humans have only been around for about 200,000 years. The spots don't heavily sell cruises as a good way to spend that time, but the inference is clear—you should get as far away from that dingy, depressing office as possible. Brandweek has a Q&A here with Royal Caribbean marketing svp Betsy O’Rourke. "Those of us fortunate enough to still have great jobs are filling in for those colleagues who are no longer with us," she says. "We are working harder, we're putting in longer hours, and—this is a big generalization—but across the board, there are fewer people, but the same amount of work is still there. The scope of work hasn't changed. The number of people available to do it has. [And so] we believe there is pent-up demand for vacation." See a second spot after the jump.