Richard Marx Finds His Calling as Colon-Cleanser Spokesman

Singer gets his other pipes scrubbed in new ad

Leave it to Rhett & Link to prove what many of us have long known deep inside to be true: Nothing says "colonic" like the musical stylings of Richard Marx. The artist—who had '80s and '90s radio listeners changing stations in droves (yet shockingly racked up sales of 30 million!)—provides adland's comedic commercial kings with their first celebrity endorsement. Was Corey Hart not available? The spot, an instant classic since its debut on Rhett & Link's IFC show, touts a Sacramento, Calif., colon-cleansing outfit that claims it's been "beautifying your insides" for the past 20 years. The visuals show folks bending over and posing near hoses and sprinklers, making it appear that geysers of water are shooting from their butts, as Marx croons, "We all get clogged up now and again. It's time to take a trip to the fountain . . . Spread your cheeks and get your colon clean." It beats "Right Here Waiting" by a mile. "Hi, I'm Richard Marx, and I'm getting a colonic right now," he ultimately explains, pecking away at a keyboard as the camera pulls back to reveal a plastic tube shoved up his posterior. Perhaps he's still pent up from sampling too much product while singing on Peter Pan ads as a kid in the '70s. (His dad, Dick Marx, was an ace jingle writer at the time.) Just as awesome as the Fountain of Health spot itself is a companion clip dealing with its creation. Rhett & Link inform Marx that colonics "doesn't sell itself," and the singer replies, "The good news for you guys is that I've written hit songs on the toilet." Was there ever any doubt?

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