‘Resident Evil’ litters Madrid with body parts


Thanks to the newest Resident Evil movie, people in Madrid have had to put up with rubber zombie arms popping out of the sidewalk all willy-nilly. Honestly, this stunt—by agency Bungalow 25—reminded me more of the opening prison scene from Robin Hood: Men In Tights. Which is fine. Considering what godawful fanservice the Resident Evil movies have been so far, I'd rather think about Mel Brooks. Also, the body-parts-strewn-around-the-city is an old Resident Evil gag. The makers of the latest Resident Evil video game did a similar thing in London last year, and turned it into a contest—encouraging people to collect the body parts. "The eventual winners were apprehended on Westminster Bridge," the company said, "and were moved on by police officers as horrified tourists gawped at the bloodied mass of fake meat assembled next to the House of Commons." Via Copyranter.