Ren & Stimpy Co-Creator Is Now Making Talking-Meat Cartoons for a Midwestern Grocer

The only Log here is made of wurst

If you can't find an immediate connection between St. Louis-based cured-meat maker Volpi Foods and Emmy-winning cartoonist Bob Camp, you're not alone. But if a century-old food company wants to make a splash with digital content starring anthropomorphic meat products, why not hire one of the twisted minds behind The Ren & Stimpy Show?

The result of this unholy alliance, with help from Zero Point Zero Production, is a delightfully subversive series of faux PSAs dubbed "Into the Meat Cave" (shown below).

In addition to extolling the virtues of cured meat over smoked meat, the short films educate viewers on mold—it's a great preservative!—and the difference between jamon and prosciutto. Somehow, key parties, midlife crises and biker gangs find their way into the conversation. Who says talking about artisanal food has to be precious?

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