Relive those classic horror-movie trailers

Former Hollywood heavyweights Joe Dante and John Landis are down and out and living in trailers? Are DVD sales of Gremlins and An American Werewolf in London that bad? Oh, wait. They’re involved in “Trailers From Hell.” I have to stop skimming these press releases. Anyway, TFH is a series that “showcases classic-era movie previews … with particular emphasis on the lurid, the extreme and the outrageous.” Good, that probably cuts out anything with Vince Vaughn. “Viewers can opt to watch the original trailers intact and/or enjoy the previews punctuated with pithy and humorous commentary by iconic genre filmmakers.” Dante and Landis—Hollywood icons? Well, trailers are all about hyperbole, after all. (And no, there’s nothing wrong with living in a trailer. Unless it really is parked in hell, where the Vince Vaughn Film Festival runs for all eternity.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio