Red Sox fans need not apply

Noparking1We heard a pitch on Newsradio 88 yesterday in New York that caught our attention even though we’re a long suffering Mets fan. It wasn’t the service—which offers to help New Yorkers beat the rap on parking tickets—that had us almost flying through a stop sign as we drove along; it was its grand opening promotional offer. Called, the service says it will fight the parking tickets of Yankee fans for free who get nabbed during home games for the rest of the 2005 season. All they need do is send along the ticket, car registration and “an agreement that acknowledges that you’re Yankees fan [sic] and any applicable evidence such as a photograph or a statement.” But it doesn’t stop there. No. Both the radio ad and the site make it clear that the offer “does not apply to vehicles with Massachusetts license plates or those owned by Red Sox fans!” As if being a Red Sox fan today weren’t bad enough.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor