Rebecca Black Celebrates Herself With Giant Billboard

Rebecca Black, the 13-year-old undisputed queen of DIY pop music, is moving into the ad game. Most folks already know that her song "Friday," which she uploaded to the Web without having a recording contract, has, for better or worse, become a viral smash. Now, she's put up a huge billboard in Hollywood, congratulating herself for topping 100 million YouTube views in little more than two months. Judging from the preponderance of negative (in many cases, horrified) reactions to the song, it seems no one else was going to thank her in such a public fashion, so she had to do it herself. That said, she would likely collect scores of kudos—including billboards, digital thank-yous and full-page spreads in the music trades—if she would just pull that sub-Yoko dreck out of cyberspace and promise to concentrate on algebra, or whatever 13-year-olds learn in school these days.