Real or Not, It’s Nice to See the Faces of Intel

Intel's new "Sponsors of Tomorrow" ad campaign by Venables Bell & Partners puts a face, or several, on the technicians and researchers behind the company's many innovations. As it turns out, at least one of these faces is impersonated. Ajay Bhatt, who helped develop the USB, is portrayed by an actor in the "Rock Star" ad above, which takes place in a much trendier version of Intel's Hillsboro, Ore., office. It's probably safe to assume central casting sent over a couple of people for the crowd shots in the "Oops" ad below. While it's tempting to rake Intel over the coals for not delivering on its pledge to humanize its product, tearing employees away from important work to make silly ads wouldn't be the most effective use of their time. Besides, Intel's heart is in the right place. Guys like Ajay rarely get the praise or recognition they deserve, so why not give them their moment in the sun? It's not like there are any interesting actual rock stars left to reserve that spotlight ahead of time.