Re-ignition spot is no giant leap for Cadillac

Modernista! blasts off in this Cadillac commercial called "Re-Ignition" to launch some new cars, including the CTS Coupe, which is available next summer. The cinematic spot is extremely well executed. The problem, at least for me, is a conceptual disconnect. Caddy is touting sleek, high-tech vehicles, so why use 1960s Apollo-era concepts in its ad pitch? Heck, the ad's even a month late in capitalizing on the 40th anniversary of the first manned moon landing. The morphing cars mimic the stages of a rocket blasting into space; but I doubt most folks, even from my generation, will remember that. And if they do, it will make them feel old, or maybe wistful at best, but probably not like buying a new car. The space program was hip in the Mad Men era, and for pop-culture and marketing purposes, became obsolete shortly after it was used to sell Tang. Sigh, I'm old, gray and ancient. Like moon rocks.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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