Random Celebs Log Into Sean Parker’s Airtime Chat Software

Amusing launch spot from Portal A

Airtime, the Sean Parker startup and Skype knockoff that lets you video chat with friends and random people who like the same random crap you do, has just released its first promotional video. Created by Portal A, a studio best known for its viral political videos, the spot features a gentleman in a smoking jacket and includes amusing cameos by Kurt Russell, MC Hammer, Gary Vaynerchuk and Ronnie Lott. Actually, chatting with celebs isn't that far from the truth. Turns out a lot of people online have chatted with Parker himself, who seems to be enjoying his new startup while creating his own buzz. Portal A assures us they're coming out with another Airtime video soon, aimed at a more female audience. Dudes, you know you have to get the ladies to the party first. Otherwise, it'll be just another Chatroulette sausage fest.

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