Quirky Re/Max Ads Suggest Your Dream Home Isn’t What You Think

First spots from Leo Burnett

Re/Max's first ads since it went public are here, and they're Zooey Deschanel-grade quirky.

Four new spots by Leo Burnett in Chicago, which the 40-year-old company tapped in August, feature eager people looking for their dream homes and Re/Max agents guiding them to something even better—though in a different way—than what they'd imagined.

The tagline is, "Dream with your eyes open," but one spot puts it best: "With a Re/Max agent, you'll see how much better than a dream home the right home can be."

While the ads have an odd (and vaguely annoying) rhyming pattern in the voiceover, there's something endearing about the heart of the message. Re/Max is pitting expectations against reality, and trying to show that sometimes the reality can be better.

Credits below.


Client: Re/Max

Agency: Leo Burnett/Lapiz USA

Ad or Campaign: “Dream With Your Eyes Open”

Executive Creative Director: Laurence Klinger

Creative Director: Manuel Torres

Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Flavio Pina

Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Lizette Morazzani

Executive Producer: Ken Gilberg

Producer: Mariana Perin

Senior Music Producer: Chris Clark

Executive Vice President, Director of Planning: Wells Davis

Vice President, Strategy Director: Howard Laubscher

Strategy Director: Felipe Cabrera

Executive Vice President, Account Director: Richard Roche

Vice President, Account Director: Ernesto Adduci

Account Supervisor: Sara Abadi

Account Executive: Spencer Colvin

Production Company, Visual Effects: MPC

Directors: Paul O’Shea, Dan Marsh

Executive Producer: Asher Edwards

Line Producer: Zak Thornborough

Post Producer: Diana De Vries