Publicis ‘Pissalyzer’ Warns You When You’ve Had Enough

We've seen plenty of urinal advertising over the years, our favorite probably being ESPN's urinal soccer game with the little ball and goal. Now, Publicis Milan has invented something called the "Pissalyzer," as part of a drunk-driving PSA for beer brand McFarland. You can see how it works below. Basically, it's a little black square installed right "in-stream," so to speak. If you pee longer than about 25 seconds (the average, supposedly, if you've drunk one pint of beer), a message magically appears in the box recommending that you take a cab home. Clearly this is as unscientific as it gets—you'll set this thing off after an extra-large Coke. And the case-study video is grosser than it needs to be. But hey—getting guys to crouch down and peer closely inside a stinky urinal for an ad message? That must be some kind of victory.