‘Prisoner’ remake: The truth is out there

So they’re remaking ’60s Kafka-esque cult-classic show The Prisoner. I’m not sure why casting is such a big issue—there’s really only one choice for Patrick McGoohan’s lead role of No. 6, a former goverment agent with priceless secrets in his head. That would be David Duchovny of X Files fame. His presence would provide star power, crossover buzz and maximum geek appeal. Among those playing the Prisoner’s authoritarian and ultra-conformist tormentors (always known as No. 2, essayed by a different actor in each episode) would be Simon Cowell, Regis Philbin, Tony Blair and Helen Mirren. And maybe that Cigarette Smoking Guy, to keep up the X Files theme. The original show’s burning existential question—“Who is No. 1?”—remained a secret until the finale. Today, it would be the highest-bidding sponsor, both in terms of metaphorical irony and product-placement dollars. I vote for Club Med Curaçao, the ideal location for The Village of the new millennium.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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