Pringles Ad Accused of Ripping Off 'One Tiny Hand' Tumblr

A battle over men's small parts

[Note: The agency says this spot was never approved to run. See update below.] I'm sure advertisers have ripped off individual Tumblrs before, but it's never been quite as obvious as Grey Mexico's "One Tiny Hand" spot for Pringles, which bears some rather convenient similarities to a blog created by Zach Vitale, Bob O'Connor and James Weinberg, in which they Photoshop pictures of celebrities to make one of their hands comically smaller than the other. I'm sure that's funny somehow. Both Grey Mexico and the blog's creators are keeping quiet about the ad. Given how ad agencies have borrowed from Don Hertzveldt's work, it wouldn't surprise me if Grey Mexico are just biters. But maybe Vitale's blog took its whole concept from Jon Glaser, or Burger King's "Tiny Hands" ads. Call it a wash, I guess. Via Mashable and Copyranter. UPDATE: A rep at Grey tells us: "The work was never authorized by Grey Mexico for broadcast. We do not endorse any part of it—the idea, the content, setting or story line. It should not have entered the public domain."