PR shop bans internal e-mail, starts ‘talking’

Doesn't everyone love workplace e-mails in all their passive-aggressive glory? Apparently not the folks at Arment Dietrich. The Chicago PR firm is entering the second month of a ban on internal e-mails. Hoping to increase face-to-face interaction, the staff tested the waters with a 10-day e-mail fast. External communications were fine, but internal discussions had to happen in person. "A funny thing happened," writes CEO Gini Dietrich (shown here). "We began talking to one another. If someone had a question, it didn't fill my inbox or sit there for two or three days; it got answered immediately because they came into my office and asked." After also abolishing IMs, the staff has kept up the ban since May 7. Dietrich admits this might not be the best solution for multi-city businesses. For them, she suggests the use of a prolific communication device called a "telephone." Image via this video interview at Beyond the Pedway.

—Posted by David Griner