Pornhub and Nina Hartley Roll Out a Sex-Ed Campaign for Seniors in Retirement Homes

Welcome to 'Old School'

Pornhub, the adult entertainment site, continues its mainstream SFW advertising efforts with “Old School,” a sexual education video and campaign geared toward people in retirement communities and nursing homes.

The elderly are becoming more sexually active than ever, but are lacking information particularly about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Pornhub says. To rectify this, Nina Hartley—the 58-year-old porn star, who continues to appear in adult videos—plays teacher in a 15-minute video that features, among other things, info about physically less demanding sexual positions.

Here’s the teaser video for the campaign:

Here’s the full 15-minute video, which, we’re told, is also available on VHS tape:

“Contrary to belief, sexual desire doesn’t diminish with age and is one of the last functions many lose in their golden years, so tag-teaming with Pornhub to teach elders valuable lessons on how to have safe-sex seemed necessary,” says Hartley. “In creating this video, we hope we can give our parents and grandparents useful advice to bring back into the bedroom in order to decrease the spread of diseases and injuries when playing helicopter with Mr. Johnson.”

The main issue, Pornhub says, is that many seniors think contraception is only to prevent pregnancy, rather than prevent STIs. Thus, many seniors are forgoing condoms altogether, causing a spike in venereal diseases, which can be particularly dangerous for people with weaker immune systems.

“To help stop the spreading of STIs among elder parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, without whom we would not be here today, we thought it best to create a sex-ed video, ‘Old School’ style,” says Corey Price, vp of Pornhub. “To do so, we tapped porn star veteran Nina Hartley, who resonates well with that demographic, and we made it available both on VHS and online, so no matter how technologically savvy an elder person is, they can access the video.”

“Old School” was produced by Pornhub’s philanthropic arm, Pornhub Cares. See more at